This system can be use when your places is limited and sliding horizontally therefore, add attractiveness to your places. Curtain system can be appliable because or horizontally moving. Door and panel locks make safe your places when used. Panels are carrying each other when slide the first panel using with panel profiles between the panes.


Profile System

  •  Optionally with or without vertical panel frames
  •  Parking variations is possible left, right or both side by no treshold bottom profile
  •  bottom and uppes profiles is available with 5 rails


  •  All fittings are concealed within the profiles
  •  Low-meintenance, non-corroding and failsafe fittings
  •  Inside and/or outside locking possible
  •  Left and right side locking possible owing to new design lock
  •  Stainless steel and/or aluminium handles eligible optionally
  •  Grey colour accessories is available


  •  Every panel fitted low-maintenance and non-corroding rollers
  •  Polyamid coated and high quality rollers are used
  •  Low noise, low corrosion and high resistance to cold and hot effect

Sealing and Ventilation

  •  The gaps between the panes are 3-5 mm
  •  Effacement the gaps between the panes with using aluminium profiles
  •  Brush gaskets are fitted horizontally to top and on the vertical frame inside and outside
  •  This system is more suitable for partition of the offices and interior of the houses


  •  10 mm tempered safety glass panes.
  •  Glass panes are fixed as safely to bottom of the panel profiles fasten with high quality silicone adhesive

Colour Options

  •  There is a standard colour – Eloxal
  •  As an optional, able to paint with all the  RAL colours

System: MultiLine Sliding System (with smooth Treshold)

Material: Aluminium – Glass

Used glass types: Tempered 10 mm 

Colour options for profiles: RAL- Eloxal- special colours 

Colour for accessories:  Grey

Max. panel width: 1000 mm

Max. panel height: 2500 mm