Plate Glass

A current trend is the colored glass wall tiles, which is a modern and fast alternative to ‘classical’ faience. Besides the decorative skill there are some other practical skills such as easy mount and cleaning of the decorative glass, with a reduce number of joints that do not require grout joints.
Walls can be plated with colored glass of various thicknesses between 4-10 mm (Tempered glass where are multiple cutouts and holes) with a wide range of colors according RAL. Also the walls can be cladding with Lacobel glass or printed glass to create an effect image by combining glass with light.

Painted glass can be used in wet environments and has reduced fading properties if it is properly plated on the interior with high quality materials. It also be covered with colored glass things as sinks in bathrooms, work areas and kitchen countertops, and high traffic areas within commercial and office buildings (receptions, lobbies, bars, etc).

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