Profile System

  • Framed sliding, right-left turning features
  • Ventilation option
  • Panel features that is folding inside-outside, right or left
  • Can eliminate gaps between walls and panels with PVC seals
  • Adjustment of height of the system by adjusting profile


  • All accessories are arranged in the profiles as not seen from outside.
  • Stainless, reliable and low-meintenance accessories
  • Locking and opening from both inside and outside
  • Locking from bottom sides with chill lock


  • The panels are equipped with 1 pieces horizontal movable wheel which is maintenance-free.
  • The bearings which is used on motion system are polyamide-coated and high-quality
  • Stainless steel components are used on bearings
  • The panel profiles are resistant against the noise, abrasion, cold and hot.
  • Panels are able to install in any angles between the degrees of  90 and 180.
  • Sealing and ventilation features
  • There is space around 3-5 mm between the panels. (as optional, it is posible to remove this space with pvc seals.)
  • Upper and bottom profiles are equipped with brush seals
  • Brush seals are fixed to panel profiles and the moving panels.


  • Tempered and reliable glass partitions with thickness of 10mm
  • Glass panels are fixed as safely to top and bottom sides of the panel profiles with hidden screws.
  • As optional, it is possible to change easily glass panels places.

Colour Options

  • There is a Standard colour – Eloxal
  • As an optional, able to paint with all the RAL colours.

System:  SmartLine Folding Glass System

Material: Aluminium – Glass

Used glass types: Tempered 10 mm 

Colour options for profiles: Eloxal, RAL colours 

Colour options for accessories: Grey

Max. panel width: 1000 mm

Max. panel height: 3500 mm